Welcome to Scientifically Slim, the online slimming club that uses only peer-reviewed scientific research to enable clients to become slimmer, healthier and more energised.

The weight loss industry is without equal in terms of conflicting advice circulating within the media. A cursory exploration into cyberspace or the magazine stand can reveal such miracle diets as the ‘Cabbage Soup Diet’, the ‘Green Smoothie Diet’ or ‘The Banana Diet’, all of which require the restriction of calories and severe restriction of food options. Enough has already been written in the media about the impossibility of adherence to these diets and about the weight loss/weight gain pattern they lead to. Not to mention that the weight gain is always slightly bigger than the weight loss which means that the serial dieter is invariably overweight or obese.

Even seemingly sensible nutrition strategies such as ‘The Paleo Diet’ manage to demonise carbohydrates, which are an essential source of energy for mind and body, and milk, which provides essential amino acids, vitamins and fatty acids1. In fact, demonization of entire macronutrients (‘Avoid Carbs!!’, Avoid Fat!!’) has become the bedrock upon which the modern weight loss industry is founded. So why are populations globally becoming more overweight and obese with every passing decade?

The simple scientific truth is that we need lots of different foods in order to obtain the vitamins and minerals for optimum health. We need plenty of carbohydrates, plenty of fat and plenty of protein in order to become slim, strong and energised. The key to obtaining the slimmest, healthiest body lies in three areas:

  • The ratio of macronutrients in our diet
  • The portion sizes
  • The timing of the meals

Considerable research has been carried out into how best to dovetail these three factors into one achievable nutrition plan. Research has also been carried out into how best to motivate the exhausted modern adult to follow these plans without diving into the supermarket for pizza on the way home from work!

At Scientifically Slim, all of this contemporary nutritional science, physiological science and motivational psychology is brought together into one online slimming club that will change your life forever.

Its science.. it just works!!